Ok- I'm a food blogger. You may have seen some of my species around. We are the ones that demand food remains untouched until it has been photographed. In restaurants you may have seen us snapping away! We also have some other peculiar habits such as memorising menus, hijacking dinner plans and stealing small portions from your plate when you aren't looking.

We blog, tweet, photograph. You will see millions of photos that we have taken, but virtually none taken of us. Just call us the fooderati.

In reality, I'm just a girl blogging about food. I have crap photos but don't want to change as I snap with my iPhone whilst trying to remain incognito. I am not a food expert - I am just a food lover, and so I want to share my love of food with you. As cliched as it is, I believe that life is too short to eat bad food or drink bad wine.

I have been accused of being a food snob- but I tend to disagree- I don't care what type of food it is, as long as it is done well. I believe food is for soothing the soul, for nourishing the body, for celebrating, commiserating. Food is for sharing with family and friends, or quietly indulging on your own.

KEY: PIE = Partner In Eating. These guys obviously differ from time to time. But I'm always looking for new PIE's- so of you like food too, lets be friends!

About the Pictures 
So, I know some of my photos are fairly spectacularly crappy. That is because I snap them with my iPhone and for reviews, I intend to keep on doing so. I like to be as incognito as possible when reviewing a restaurant, and pulling out a DSLR between each course doesn't exactly scream anonymity. This is to ensure that the integrity of the review is not compromised as the waitstaff are unlikely to notice me snapping on my iPhone, I'm pretty stealth.

For events or dinners I am invited to, or meals I cook at home, I hope the photos are a little better - especially cos I'll be snapping with my new cam from now on!

About the Recipes
I developed a love of cooking and food in general, from an early age. Food is central to life and I am in love.

The foundations of most of my kitchen creations come from my Dad's, 'Cooking: A commonsense guide' book that I borrowed when I first moved out of home and never returned. It's now one of my most simple and most treasured possessions.

Home truly is where the heart is and in my home, the kitchen is the beat of the heart. It's the most important space to me and where I spend most of my time.

There is no better feeling than creating a homely meal and watching those that you love enjoy it and be left feeling content and warmed to the soul.

About Me
Influences: Anything and everything but I adore anything French, followed closely by Italian. I have also been feeling very Vietnamese of late!

I'm a lover of cooking, travel, food, quality interior design, fashion, dining out, coffee and wine. I don't claim to be an expert on any of them, just someone who knows what she loves.

My ultimate evening out definitely involves a gorgeous restaurant, indulging on a degustation menu with matching wines.

When I'm not working on a new restaurant design or advertising campaign for my clients, I can usually be found lingering over a long lunch, or relaxing over a late brunch on the weekend. I can also be found enjoy a cocktail or checking out those secret hole-in-the-wall eats and cafes that always leave you surprised!

I have a burning desire to open my own coffee shop franchise. Where each location will focus on creating a quality environment and giving its customers an absolute evocative connection to the location - through great coffee and a unique and eclectic design setting for people to linger in and enjoy.