Monday, January 24, 2011

Vancouver | Nuba (Hastings)

I hate to write a bad review, I really do, especially for a restaurant that is listed as #13 on a trusted source like Urbanspoon.  However, I cannot let my experience go unheard.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and my BF and I were famished.  I had been talking about trying Nuba (not far from our Gastown abode) for some time, I had heard so many good reviews about it and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to get some take away and to do just that.  We still had about half an hour until they opened, so we spent the time eagerly perusing the menu on their website choosing a selection of dishes for us to share.  As soon as 5pm struck we were on the phone placing our order.  Half an hour until pick up, we couldn't wait.

We arrive at Nuba at half five to collect our order, only to be told they had hit a rush and it'd be another half hour.  The restaurant was empty and I am sure we were the first order of the evening.  Either way, we politely opted to sit at the bar and have a glass of wine while we waited.  45 minutes passed and not even so much as an acknowledgement from staff (our drinks had ran empty at least 15 minutes prior).  Finally the waiter asked if we were being served (as if they hadn't noticed us sitting there earlier).  We reminded them of our order, only to be told that it would be another half hour.  At that point, starving hungry and our patience worn very thin, we opted to leave.

We eventually received a call to say our order was ready, just short of 3 hours after it was placed.  It was our trusty Thai delivery, Thailicious for dinner that night.

Am I the only one to have had a bad experience here?  Was it just an off day for Nuba (Hastings)?  Perhaps... but it's very unlikely that I'll be returning to find out.

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