Monday, January 24, 2011

Vancouver | Thailicious

We happened to stumble upon, what I think, is the most amazing Thai delivery service in Vancouver.  Thailicious-Delivery.   Located not far from Commercial Drive, it is nestled within perfect delivery proximity of my Crossroads (where Gastown and Chinatown meet) apartment.  Scrolling through Urbanspoon one night looking for a nearby delivery service, we chose this one purely on it's cheesy name, we thought it was quite amusing.

Much to my delight, the Chicken Pad Thai was up there with the best I have ever tasted.  Pad Thai is one of my favourite dishes, and having travelled extensively through Thailand, I can confidently say, it is good Pad Thai!

Their spring rolls were hot, fresh and still held a nice crunch when you sunk your teeth into them.  Now that's a rare find for a delivered spring roll.  In my experience, by the time they get to you, they have usually lost all of that spring roll goodness and appeal.

The Chicken with Cashew Nut is equally as tasty.  It gives a beautiful combination of sweetness and not too much spice.  The accompanying Jasmine rice is light and fluffy and still steaming on delivery.  Perfect in my opinion.

I have tried several of the items on their menu, but these three are my faithful favourites.

The delivery service is fast, efficient and extremely polite (as it is always throughout the Thai culture).

The only thing I don't suggest, is picking up the order yourself.  One night we were driving home, and assumed it'd be easier to just swing by and collect the order.  Wrong!  It is extremely hard to find in the dark, the girl actually had to stand in the middle of the road to signal us.  It was quite funny actually... that's what you call service!  And although their kitchen is very clean and industrial, it definitely wasn't intended for the walk in customer.  In fact, when we placed the order on the phone, the sweet girl actually tried to talk us out of the pick up.  Which we later laughed at.

I have had delivery from Thailicious several times and they have never skipped a beat.  They get a big thumbs up from me!

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